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behind every piece,
there is a story.

Each and every piece is hand crafted and one of a kind. 

Meet the Woodworker

John Bryer

I am a longtime woodworker who specializes in making smaller items from exotic, sustainable species. I also like domestic species like cherry, maple, and walnut.  Each piece I make is functional art. No two are the same. 

In the late 1990’s, I took up woodworking when my four children were very young.  As they grew, my priorities changed. I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. When they started going to college I went back to my woodshop in earnest. 

In addition to lots of elbow grease, I use small electric and manual hand tools. Typically, half the time required to make a piece is hand sanding. The more you sand, the better the finished product. My preferred finish is food safe, pure Tung Oil.

Working with my hands is part meditative, and part spiritual. I never know how a piece will turn out.  It’s always a pleasant surprise when a finished object emerges.

Requests for commissions are always welcome. As you look at this website, if something catches your eye that is not for sale, reach out to me at I’d be happy to discuss making you one of anything that catches your eye. Just keep in mind that each piece is unique.



Many pieces are made using exotic, sustainable species of wood, as well as domestic species such as cherry, maple, and walnut.


One of a Kind

Each piece is functional art. No two are the same.


Hand Crafted

Each piece is crafted with extra care. Small electric tools, hand tools, and hours of sanding go into crafting each one of a kind, beautiful piece of art.